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CINDE Corporate Members

Corporate - Any organization wanting to promote CINDE by contributing a fee established by the Board for that purpose. Each corporate member may name up to three (3) delegates upon the submission and payment of such fee, giving each delegate the rights and privileges of an individual member. For a complete list of benefits, please visit

Acuren Group Inc.
Talman B. Pizzey
Lee Carleton
Sylvie Nadeau
Applus RTD
Peter Den Boer
Applus RTD Canada
Kris Krishnamoorthy
Kirsten Krywko
Paul Galloway
ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Michael Connachan
Steven M. Hyde
Andy Krbavac
Authorized Inspection Services Inc.
Zbigniew Wator
Zoran F. Priboj
Canadian NDE Technologies
Richard deWalle
Jeff deWalle
Brian deWalle
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Dag Horn
Ken Chaplin
CEGEP Trois-Rivieres/Centre de Metallurgie du Quebec
Linda Neault
Jocelyn Magny
René Guerard
Certified Testing Systems 2009
Gary Porter
Matt Munz
Chemetics Inc.
William McIntyre
Jason R.G. Jones
Waldir Machado
Durham College
Katy Zaidman
Clair Sigus
Dick Algera
Elemental Controls Limited
Keith Grattan
Ron Scott
Christian Lavell
FujiFilm Canada Inc.
Douglas Hanna
GB Contract Inspection Ltd.
Graham Ball
Global Inspections-NDT, Inc.
Tom Shumka
Jason Shumka
Afshin Sadri
Peter Szyplinski
Wai Lai Ying
Industrial Radiography Supplies and Services Inc.
Brian Sargent
Rob Muschket
Brian Sargent
Innovator Industial Services
Ellen Dalrymple
Intech International Inc.
Mark Toffolon
Jesse Garant Metrology Center
Spiro Spiliadis
Andrew Good
Metalcare Group Inc.
Muthu Palanisamy
Steve Fingal
Ashley Priscilla
National Research Council
Michael Brothers
Catalin Mandache
Marc Genest
NDT Group Inc.
Lazaro Manzano
Dan Kviring
William J. Drake
NDT Technologies
Jerry Slaba
Olivier Marcotte
Olympus Canada Inc.
Michael J. Spence
Peter J. Kaszuba
Jason Hollett
Pratt & Whitney Canada
David Craig
Christian Cote
Frank Miranda
Russell NDE Systems
Dave Russell
Ad Shatat
Yuwu (doc) Yu
Josh Brewster
Jayme Bennett
SGS Canada Inc.
Daniel Toro
Cory Nickerson
Shaw Pipeline Services Inc.
Jodi Cornelius
Gary Smith
Ed Cabral
Ron Sidney
Yvan Gosselin
Source Production & Equipment Co, Inc.
Jaclyn Hillerich
Steven Johnson
Sandra Kusy
Stuart Hunt & Associates Ltd.
Joanna Boisvert
Team Industrial Services, Inc.
J. Richard Robichaud
Shannon Paquette
Dan Gonzalez
Trikon Technologies Inc.
Claude Konikow
Pierre Fortier
Lionel Wolniewicz
UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc.
David Seto
Cindy Finley
Mathew Oleskiw
Steven Paul Michael Meyer
WorldSpec NDT Training
Parker Ray
Don Locke
James Lipsett
Patrick Tremblay
Guy Maes
Frederic Laprise