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CINDE Small Business Members

Small Business - Any organization wanting to promote the welfare of a chapter of CINDE by contributing a fee for that purpose. The organization shall name one (1) delegate upon the submission and payment of such fee, giving the delegate all the rights and privileges of an individual member. For a complete list of benefits, please visit

Aerocom Inspection Service Ltd.
Michael Dudley
Aro SA
Susana C. Rodriguez
Brias Inc
Dale Myggland
Canadian Cutting And Coring
Steve Brain
Carestream Health Canada Company
Glenn Snell
Cave Inspection Ltd
Greg Braham
Cougar NDE Ltd.
Kim Morrison
Domson Engineering & Inspection Ltd.
Dennis Domenichini
Doppelmayr Ski-lift Co. Ltd.
Frederic Casoli
Eastern Technical Services Ltd.
Fred O'Keefe
EM & I Stantec Ltd
Marion Mullins
Nathalie Fauteux
Flawspec Manufacturing Inc.
Dan Cartwright
Focus NDT
Nadia La Russa
FPrimeC Solutions Inc.
Hamed Layssi
Freeman's Eddy Current Testing
Eric Freeman
Gamma Spec NDT Ltd.
Jerry Abbott
GRB Enterprises Ltd.
David Chalut
Chris Croucher
Hope Aero Propeller & Components, Inc.
Cathy Dunn
Horizon Testing
Daniel Tremblay
Inspection Plug Strategies, LLC
RM Counts-Bradley
Inspectrum Testing
Joel Kish
Integrity Testing Services Inc.
Julie Boyce
Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd.
Ross Muirhead
Intertek Canada
Douglas Taylor
IRED Thermal.Group LTD.
Boon Tse
Wes Barlow
KF Aerospace
Glori Duncan
Lance Inspections
Steve Utz
Mapp Inspection Inc.
David Mapp
Mequaltech Inc.
Robert Desautels
Met-L-Chek Company
Michael White
MFE Rentals - Canada Inc
Sharon Balzer
Mistras Group, Inc.
Derek Billard
NDT Products Limited
Sean McKernan
Passmore Insp. & Consulting
Richard Passmore
Perilon Inspection Inc
Dale Toews
Francois Mainguy
Q Test Inspection Ltd.
Michael Cooke
Red Flame Industries
Nicole Hand
Rees NDT Inspection Services Ltd.
Ron Vader
Remak Inspection Inc.
Andrzej Wyszomierski
Research Productivity Council
John L. Speelman
Sherwin Incorporated
Arnold G Marquez
Sitco Precision Machining Co. Ltd.
Vittorio Ambrosino
SNC-Lavalin Industrial Atlantic Inc.
Nicole White
Manuel Lucas
Specialized NDE Inc.
Eric Kivlin
Spectrum NDT Ltd.
Mark Edwards
Stasuk Testing
Adam E. Stasuk
Streamline Inspection Ltd.
Brian Boulet
Summit Inspection Services Ltd.
Robert Welke
Titan NDE Services
Jeff Frost
TORNGATS Technical Services inc.
Luc Mauzeroll
TriQuest Nondestructive Testing Corp.
Michel Chevrier
Ultratest N.D.T Services Inc.
Ryan Burns
UT Quality Inc.
Adrianus Elvers
Sorin I. Simniceanu
Dani Sutton