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Originally Posted: Fri, Aug 28th 2020 at 11:27 AM #1102
The CINDE Hamilton location will be re-opening July 6th to resume training, workshops, and exams. CINDE will be following health and safety procedures as provided by the Ontario Government and Mohawk College. Please note that the procedures may cause delays in your travel within the campus and during the registration process – please plan accordingly.
-A non-medical mask or face covering must be worn when at the Mohawk College campus at all times where social distancing is not possible.
-Visitors are required to follow social distancing guidelines when on the campus (2m distance between others).
1) Download the Mohawk Safety App (free on iOS and Android). Alternatively, if you do not wish to download the app, please proceed to the security checkpoint for in-person screening. This will take additional time.
      i) Click on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) button near the top of the page.
     ii) Proceed to the screening assessment tool and provide all information.
    iii) Proceed to security checkpoint and inform them that you have completed the assessment.
2) After passing the Mohawk College Security checkpoint, continue to the CINDE designated waiting area (Main Administration Office E006A) in the hallway.
3) You will be required to have your temperature taken via a non-contact thermometer as well as signing a waiver (health declaration) at the main office before entering the office/class.
4) We will be registering one (1) student at a time in the administration area. Students will then be directed to the Exit and sent to their training/exam room.  Regular social distancing rules and hygiene will be required (hand sanitizer available in each classroom, exam room, and administration area).

Important Notes
-Parking is free until December 2020. Please park in any of the designated parking areas. Choosing a location closest to one of the two (2) entrance locations is recommended:
1) South Entrance, across from the short term parking by the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre Theatre.
2) East Entrance, near the C wing traffic circle.
-Lockers will be provided for workshop and exam candidates. Please bring minimal possessions with you.
-Steps 1-3 will be required each day while attending Mohawk College.
-No food services will be open at this time. Please be prepared to bring a lunch.
-All water fountains will be closed. CINDE will provide water coolers that visitors can use to fill their own water bottles.

Additional precautions that CINDE is taking to increase health and safety of staff, students, and community:
1) The reception area in E006A will be a one-way traffic area and will have a Plexiglas shield between the reception staff and students to decrease the
    chance of virus transmission.
2) Social distancing guidelines (2m distance between staff/students) will be in place to ensure the safety of all students. Where distance guidelines cannot be followed, masks and
    hand sanitizer will be used to decrease the probability of transmission.
3) Hand sanitizer will be provided at all classroom doors so that students can practice increased hand sanitizing.
4) All surfaces will be disinfected and then also sprayed with Clorox electrostatic disinfectant spray.
5) We will continue to limit the number of staff working at the facility to limit the possibility of exposure to students and staff.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, CINDE will make adjustments to procedures to increase the safety of staff, students, and the community. We appreciate your patience during this time.
If you have further questions, please contact

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