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CINDE Journal, Mar/Apr 2004
Mar/Apr 2004
Feature Articles:

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  • Active Thermographic Inspection of Combustion Turbine Engine Components - by T. Ahmed, B. Chaudhry, S. Shepard
  • Commerce's NIST Receives Valuable Chemical Data from DOW $5 Million Gift to Aid US Chemical Research and Manufacturing - by Michael E. Newman
  • Ice Rink Leak Location With Thermography - by Jeff Lebold
  • In Remembrance: Robert J. Young
  • Is Your Industrial Radiography Operation Up To Standard? - by H.P. (Harri) Maharaj
  • MR. SAF-T - Safety in Thermal & Infrared Testing - by Marvin W. Trimm
  • Quantitative IR Defect Detection in Composite Aerospace Structures - by Steven M. Shepard & Robert J. Ducar
  • Taking a Closer Look: R/D Tech Inc.

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