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CINDE Small Business Members

Small Business - Any organization wanting to promote the welfare of a chapter of CINDE by contributing a fee for that purpose. The organization shall name one (1) delegate upon the submission and payment of such fee, giving the delegate all the rights and privileges of an individual member. For a complete list of benefits, please visit

Arcanite Inc.
Jonathan Ryan Eustace
AXIS Inspection Group Ltd
Bonnie Pankratz
Carestream NDT
William Shippee
Cave Inspection Ltd
Greg Braham
Bede Kortegast
Crystal Clear Testing Ltd.
Benjamin MacLeod Hunter
Graham Manders
Domson Engineering & Inspection Ltd.
Ricardo Silva
Steve Jelfs
Echo NDE Inc.
Boyd Harvey
Elander Inspections
Paolo Sinats
Extende Inc.
Erica J. Schumacher
FlawTech, Inc.
John Turner
Groupe Mequaltech
Sylvain Gélinas
HI Tech NDE Inc
Nirmal Singh Wraich
Hope Aero Propeller & Components, Inc.
Cathy Dunn
Horizon Testing
Daniel Tremblay
Inphase Integrity
Jacqueline Pullan
Inspection Plug Strategies, LLC
Rm Counts-Bradley
Inspectrum Testing
Joel Kish
Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd.
Ross Muirhead
Kasia Smith
Lance Inspections
Steve Utz
Maple Group Inc.
Nancy Maheshwari
Peter Pelayo
MISTRAS Group, Inc.
Kate Sainz
NDT Products Limited
Sean McKernan
Passmore Insp. & Consulting
Richard Passmore
Peregrine Integrity Management
Kelly Bowles
Pro Integrity NDT Inc.
Patrick McLean
Pro-Test Professional Testing And Inspection Company Limited
Frederick David Sawchuk
Quality One Inspection Services Inc.
William R. Wagner
Remak Inspection Inc.
Andrzej Wyszomierski
Sherwin Incorporated
Arnold G Marquez
Specialized NDE Inc.
Eric Kivlin
Tessonics Inc.
UT Quality Inc.
Adrianus Elvers