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CINDE Journal, July/Aug 2005
July/Aug 2005
Feature Articles:

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  • "Imaging with Neutrons: The Other Penetrating Radiation", Penetrating Radiation Systems and Applications II, SPIE Proc. Vol. 4142, 2000 - by Glen MacGillivray
  • Book Review: Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Electromagnetic Testing, Third Edition, Vol. 5, ASNT, by Patrick O. Moore and Dr. John Baron
  • Different X-ray Diffraction Patterns Recorded Under the Same Condition for in Situ HT-XRD caused by Superficial Material Changes for both Isentrop and Anisotrop Heat Propagation - by Dr. Medzid Muhasilovic
  • Taking a Closer Look: Trikon Technologies Inc.
  • Technical Tip: The Proper Uses of Yokes - by John deLuca
  • Women in NDT: Valerie MacDonald

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