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CINDE Journal, Jan/Feb 2007
Jan/Feb 2007
Feature Articles:

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  • 3rd Annual CINDE Bowl For Kid's Sake Announcement
  • Annual Membership Meeting Notice (June 25, 2007)
  • CINDE Honours and Awards
  • Improvement in Liquid Penetrant Test Sensitivity by Thermal Treatment - by Sanjoy Das, P.R. Vaidya, B.K. Shah
  • Instructors' Corner
  • Letter to the Editor, from Gerry Lalonde
  • Taking A Closer Look: Elemental Controls - NITON Analyzers
  • The Relationship between Ultrasonic Wave Velocity, Strain and Microstructure in Mild Steel Bar - by F.K. Liew, S. Hamdan, M.S. Osman
  • Transverse Hardness Photothermal Phase Imaging and Depth-Profilometry of Heat Treated Steels - by Y. Liu, A. Mandelis, N. Baddour, C.H. Wang
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