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CINDE Journal, Jan/Feb/Mar 2022
Jan/Feb/Mar 2022
Feature Articles:

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  • (pg 8) Advanced Signal Processing Techniques To Improve Detection of Defects in Pressure Vessels by Acoustic Emission Testing - by Konstantin Polyakov, Fernando L√≥pez, Martin Viens
  • (pg 10) A Beamforming Strategy to Improve the Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection Below Concave Surfaces - by Jorge Franklin Mansur Rodrigues Filho, Pierre Belanger
  • (pg 16) Infrared-terahertz Fusion Inspection for Jute/Kenaf-glass Hybrid Composites - by Jue Hu, Hai Zhang, Stefano Sfarra, Carlo Santulli, Guiyun Tian, and Xavier Maldague,
  • (pg 18) A Novel Drone-Enabled Approach for Gas Leak Detection Using Thermal Image Flow Analysis - by Parham Nooralishahi, Fernando Lopez, Xavier Maldague
  • (pg 20) Detection of Subsurface Cracks in Dental Enamel Using Multispectral Pulse Truncated-Correlation Photothermal Coherence Tomography - by Elnaz B. Shokouhi, Koneswaran Sivagurunathan, Andreas Mandelis
  • (pg 22) Automated Ultrasound-based Flaw Detection of Medium-density Polyethylene Butt Fused Joints Using Chord Transducers and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence - by Maryam Shafiei Alavijeh, Ryan Scott, Fedar Seviaryn, Roman Gr. Maev
  • (pg 28) Advancing Canadian NDT Research - by Laura Obrutsky (National Chair)

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