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Article Posted/Updated: Wed, Feb 23rd 2022 at 10:14 AM #1173

We are proud to announce that the Novosound Belenus-X corrosion monitoring sensor is certified for operation in ATEX, IECEx and UKEX Zone 0 locations. Designed and manufactured in line with international intrinsically safe standards, this latest certification extends the potential application of the Novosound Belenus-X to operate in areas where explosive gas atmosphere is present continuously or for long periods.

The Novosound Belenus-X is a permanently installed ultrasonic sensor enabling in-service corrosion monitoring in the most safety-critical and high-risk environments.

Capable of continuous operation up to 400°C (752°F), the Belenus-X can be installed directly onto the asset without the need for coolant, couplant, or delay lines. Combined with its high-resolution imaging capabilities, the Belenus-X provides process engineers with highly accurate wall thickness measurements.

Featuring a compact footprint (50 x 30 x 20 mm) and flexible core technology, the Belenus-X can be easily fitted to a range of pipe shapes including challenging branches and pipe elbow bends where critical failures often occur.

During installation, the Belenus-X is mounted directly on the pipe with no welding required. This ensures minimal interruptions to plant operations and no subsequent effect to the structural integrity of the asset.

Enabling continuous corrosion monitoring in hazardous areas, the Belenus-X provides plant operators with granular, high-quality and repeatable corrosion data that cannot be achieved with periodic manual inspections. With the sensitivity to detect small changes in wall thickness, the Belenus-X enables the early and reliable detection of corrosion. This facilitates better maintenance planning and allows operators to carry out timely repairs, mitigating potential, costly damages. By enabling the move away from manual inspections, the safety risk to personnel when operating in hazardous locations is also reduced.

How can the Belenus-X make your sound operation ultra-sound? Click here to get in touch today and learn how you can make more data-driven decisions to maximise plant performance, safety, and profitability.

Article Posted/Updated: Tue, Feb 22nd 2022 at 1:31 PM #1171

Carestream’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) group has released the HPX-DR 2530 PC, a non-glass detector that enables faster throughput for imaging, as well as rapid analysis and reporting. The durable non-glass design is built for the tough conditions of NDT work, especially portable radiography.

With a 145 μm resolution, the HPX-DR 2530 PC provides highly detailed imaging for analyses and reporting. Its compact size of 250 x 300 mm and thin profile at 14.7 mm allow the detector to fit in smaller spaces, enabling imaging in confined areas. The non-glass design virtually eliminates expensive and time-consuming repairs while increasing utilization, uptime and productivity. The detector comes with tungsten shielding allowing a higher cumulative dose while preserving image quality, increasing panel life and usage. With the HPX-DR 2530 PC detector, critical defects can be evaluated and reported with confidence while increased processing speed and productivity help perform more inspections in less time.

The HPX-DR 2530 PC detector works with Carestream’s award-winning INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software. The INDUSTREX software suite operates seamlessly across all Carestream NDT computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR) modalities. Customers can easily add the new detector to their tool set of imaging equipment without having to purchase and learn new modules.

“At Carestream NDT, we are proud to add the HPX-DR 2530 PC to our innovation legacy. It is a game-changer for reliable, precise high-speed imaging in hard-to-reach locations, helping customers inspect pipes and other infrastructure where previously they weren’t able to benefit from the speed and productivity advantages of DR,” said Marty Graen, Global General Manager for Carestream NDT. “As we work with our customers in the oil and gas industry, corrosion over time can negatively impact pipes and pressure vessels, and the HPX-DR 2530 PC is superior addition to the non-destructive testing arsenal that will provide quick answers to our customers’ biggest challenges.”

Carestream NDT is offering a two-year warranty with the HPX-DR 2530 PC, as well as a loaner service in the U.S. and Canada to minimize downtime and avoid the expense of purchasing a back-up detector.

For more information please visit


About Carestream Health

Carestream is a worldwide provider of medical imaging systems; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing; and precision contract coating services for a wide range of industrial, medical, electronic, and other applications—all backed by a global service and support network. For more information about the company’s broad portfolio of products, solutions and services, please contact your Carestream representative or call 1-888-777-2072 or visit
Article Posted/Updated: Tue, Feb 1st 2022 at 3:29 PM #1169

JIREH is pleased to announce a two probe scanner developed for pitch-catch techniques such as phased array inspection of corrosion under pipe support (CUPS).

The STIX – 2 PROBE PA-CAT provides a complete AOD (axial, outside diameter) and COD (circumferential, outside diameter) solution for PA-CAT inspection. Designed in partnership with Paul Holloway of Holloway NDT & Engineering Inc., PA-CAT measures metal loss at pipe supports using an innovative phased array approach. The STIX uses magnetic wheels to mount to ferrous pipes, while the various arm lengths allow the user to configure the scanner for operation on pipes 10.2 cm (4 in) and up. These same arms may be adjusted to allow either axial or circumferential inspection.

JIREH specializes in the design and manufacture of robotic scanning technology. Our Canada-made products are used to perform non-destructive testing on pipes, vessels, windmills and other components within the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. With the help of our remote locations in Houston, Texas and Rotterdam, Netherlands, we have provided equipment to clients in over 76 countries. These partnerships have allowed us to refine and innovate our product line to become an industry leader.

Products may be viewed at or JIREH offices: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Houston, Texas, USA - Rotterdam, Netherlands.


53158 Range Road 224
Ardrossan, Alberta

Canada T8E 2K4
Phone: 780-922-4534

United States

2955 S Sam Houston Pkwy E
Houston, Texas

US 77047
Phone: 832-564-0626


Hoefsmidstraat 41
3194 AA Hoogvliet Rotterdam

Room D3.48
Phone: +31 85 002 0801

Article Posted/Updated: Wed, Jan 5th 2022 at 9:18 AM #1166

SREM TECHNOLOGIES is a French Leader – Manufacturer of NDT Products since 1952

Penetrant Testing Products
Magnetic Particle Inspection Products
Ultrasonic Couplants
Leak Testing / Fluorescent Tracer


  • High-Quality products, with conformity in all sectors of NDT   ISO / ASTM / RCCM …
  • Highly competitive pricing => at least 30% of benefits. 
  • 500mL Aerosol Cans => more active content than competitors.
  • Full Range of products => find the best product for your NDT application.
  • Nuclear Quality: Low in Sulfur & Halogens
  • Available in East and West - Delivery with batch certificate inspection
Please reach out to us to discuss the exciting new FLUXO productsJalil.rouzitalab@stuartHunt.ccom.
Article Posted/Updated: Thu, Oct 28th 2021 at 8:50 AM #1163
The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) has selected Carestream NDT’s INDUSTREX HPX-1 Plus Digital System to replace their previous computed radiography scanners. RCAF’s multi-system purchase of Carestream’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment ensures they have advanced computed radiography (CR) assets for future deployment requirements.

Ideal for aerospace applications, the HPX-1 Plus Digital System is a full-width computed radiography reader capable of running extra-long imaging plates—up to 60 inches—with an imaging plate transport system specifically designed to help ensure longer life. It offers faster throughput on plates at high exposure, and has a wide dynamic range with high sensitivity, making it ideal for almost any type of imaging application.

The HPX-1 Plus Digital System enables users to shoot faster, and in some circumstances, reduce exposure time. The ability to maximize critical defect detection is key to players in the aerospace industry like the Royal Canadian Air Force,” said Don Thompson, U.S. & Canada Director of Marketing at Carestream. “We look forward to building our relationship with RCAF to help them meet their NDT needs.”

The HPX-1 Plus offers ultra-high resolution, with a pixel pitch of 25 µm, 35 µm, 50 µm and 100 µm, delivering quality images consistently and dependably. The system’s optics improve sensitivity and reduce unwanted artifacts, allowing users to fine-tune images for optimum capture.

HPX-1 Plus works with Carestream NDT’s award-winning INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software with image process automation tools that help streamline the inspection process and increase production rates. The INDUSTREX software suite operates seamlessly across all Carestream NDT CR and digital radiography (DR) modalities.

For more information please visit

About Carestream Health
Carestream is a worldwide provider of medical imaging systems; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing; and precision contract coating services for a wide range of industrial, medical, electronic, and other applications—all backed by a global service and support network. For more information about the company’s broad portfolio of products, solutions and services, please contact your Carestream representative or call 1-888-777-2072 or visit
Article Posted/Updated: Fri, Oct 22nd 2021 at 10:53 AM #1159
INTECH NDE is thrilled to be partnering with SonaVu™ and adding to its arsenal of Ultrasonic Leak Detection.

SDT is globally known for its ultrasound solutions and has been helping customers anticipate failures, reduce energy loss and waste while enhancing safety for over 45 years. Continually improving their solutions and products with the dedicated in-house R&D team, SDT is a technological pioneer of ultrasound hardware and software coupled with excellent training on all the systems they manufacture.

Now with the added support, sales, and distribution network of INTECH NDE and the evolutionary product design of the SonaVu™ by SDT we hope to help our customers cut the costs consumed by electricity and system leaks.

The SonaVu™ Powered by SDT is an acoustic imaging camera that visualizes sound and ultrasound, to easily locate fugitive emissions, gas leaks and electrical discharge safely from a distance of up to 150 feet. The precise location of faults is shown visually with a high-resolution digital imaging camera.

Equipped with 112 highly sensitive sensors and a precision optical camera, SonaVu™ has limitless applications for asset reliability, energy conservation and safety. Please contact us today for more information or to set up a demo. Or take a look at the Video.
Article Posted/Updated: Fri, Oct 22nd 2021 at 10:41 AM #1158
Helping you grow your business is important to the folks at IR Supplies and Services.  We want to find ways for you access the equipment you need to get the job done.  Equipment that will help you to fulfill your clients’ needs, while also giving you the ability to expand into other projects too.  We understand that you may not always be in the position to make that happen on your own.  That’s why IR now offers in-house financing. 
With financing options from IR you have access to competitive interest rates—as low as 6%*-- and terms up to five years.  There are a number of different options to select from.  Let’s find one that works best for you. Simply let any one of the IR sales representatives know that you are interested in exploring financing options and they will provide you with an application form to complete. Once completed, it will be submitted for processing.  That could take as little as three business days.  Funding will be available only a few days after that.  Contact us to find out more.
*On Approved Credit
Article Posted/Updated: Fri, Oct 22nd 2021 at 9:40 AM #1157

LED UV Black lights Battery powered PRO UV-500B/400
Key Features Pro UV500/ 400 :
1-Ultra-High Intensity Spot: 2" diameter spot > 14,000 μW/cm2 at 15" For Pro UV-500                           
2-Ultra-High Intensity > 5,000 uW/cm2 at 15" For Pro UV-400
3-Extreme wide beam profile: 10” diameter of UV-A intensity >1000 μW/cm² at 15”                            
4-Waterproof and Drop-proof - IP65 Rated and rugged enough for all working environments
5-Fanless Design – no fan but absolutely stay cool
6-Li battery Powered – Can Easily swapped
7-UV intensity will keep the same when battery drops                                                                      
8-Complies with Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 Requirements and ASTM E3022 Standards
9-CE Approved and 1 year warranty.

LED UV Light models:
1.     PRO UV-400B -LED UV Black lights Battery powered - 5000 μW/cm² @15in
2.     PRO UV-400LED LED UV Black lights/lamps 5000 μW/cm² @15in
3.     PRO UV-500B LED UV Black lights Battery powered - Focus Type14,000 μW/cm²  @15in
4.     PRO UV-500LED LED UV Black lights/lamps Focus Type14,000 μW/cm² @15in
5.     FL-100Flashlight (torch) type LED Ultraviolet Lights 9,000 μW/cm² @15in
6.     HD-100 Head Lamp Diffusion Type LED Black Light focus 90,000 μW/cm² @15in
7.     Panel LED UV Lights (12LEDs - 72LEDs) Panel-UV-1

Please send your inquiry or talk to us at:, Tel: 647 804 1348

Article Posted/Updated: Wed, Sep 29th 2021 at 12:47 PM #1154
Computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering firm CAD / CAM Services announced its exclusive partnership with Taiwan-based Microtek to release the NDT-2000 in North America. The NDT-2000 is a next-gen industrial film digitizer capable of offering high resolution images, while being specifically engineered for the non-destructive testing (NDT) radiography testing (RT) industry.
Until now, NDT professionals were forced to use film digitizers that were often problematic, including: slow scanning speed, overly-complicated software, and poor image quality. Not to mention these scanners typically failed to meet the ruggedness required for NDT work which is often done in the field. Additionally, DS class film digitizers are extremely expensive, yet tend to necessitate frequent service, calibration and maintenance requirements.
Read the full article at Design World Online.
Article Posted/Updated: Wed, Sep 29th 2021 at 12:27 PM #1153
MilTouch Solutions, LLC ( has released the MilTouch™ High kV X-Ray Visible Scale for use in high kV radiographic non-destructive testing (NDT). This lead-free scale is available in four lengths, 3 inches (3"), 6 inches (6"), 15 centimeters (15 cm) and 12 inches (12"). It is designed to be visible next to plates of up to two inch (2") thickness under 300 kilovolts (kV). MilTouch™ High kV X-Ray Visible Scales meet the requirements for measurement scale comparators set forth in the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code for Nondestructive Examination.

"The MilTouch™ High kV X-Ray Visible Scales fill a void in the non-destructive testing industry," says MilTouch Solutions, LLC President, Lauren Zimmer. "There are many radiopaque rulers on the market, but few, if any, are lead-free and visible at high kV next to products being tested with a relative thickness above one inch."
The High kV X-Ray Visible Scale serves as a known dimensional comparator and is placed on the imaging plate prior to processing, providing dimensions on the projected image. This scale is then used to interpret dimensions as stated in ASME-V-2019, VIII-287.1.c.
Article Posted/Updated: Wed, Sep 29th 2021 at 12:14 PM #1152
The new NOVO Discovery II System is a fully-featured system packaged in a light Pelican case. It includes the NOVO 22” Large X-ray Detector, which is the lightest and thinnest in the market, with a weight of only 4.3kg (9.4 lbs.) and a width of only 15.6mm (0.6”). This Detector offers outstanding image quality, high energy resistance, and built-in shielding for maximum life span.
The system comes with the NOVO Bright XL, 21.5” touch tablet providing a unique 1500 NIT super brightness for a true sun readable experience and six hours of continuous battery operation. The system also includes the intuitive NOVO Touch Professional Software - a complete software package, allowing easy grabbing of X-Ray images, image processing, various measurements, archiving, and sharing. The software includes powerful tools, such as our proprietary Genie algorithm for enhancing both easy and hard to penetrate areas on the same image while highlighting all the defects with just one touch. It also includes Automatic Wall Thickness Measurement Tool, Automatic Stitching of multiple images, Auto Basic Spatial Resolution Calculator and much more.
The Discovery II system comes with the latest Falcon II Controller, which synchronizes the operation of the X-Ray source and the Detector. This lightweight controller features 500m Line of Sight wireless communication, up to 300m cable operation, a built-in GPS, and simultaneous Multi-tablet viewing and control.
Article Posted/Updated: Tue, Aug 31st 2021 at 1:58 PM #1148
GammaFlux is thrilled to be be the distributor of Helmut Fisher across Canada. Fischer has been developing instruments for non-destructive material analysis, coating thickness measurement and material testing since 1953.

Coating Thickness Gauge: Fischer coating thickness gauges are ideally suited for measuring paint, powder coating, plating and anodize, including aerospace coatings, bridge coatings, water tank coatings, pipelines, refineries, tank linings, fireproof coatings, marine coatings, and railcar coatings. 
PERMASCOPE MP0: With integrated probe for measuring the thickness of coatings on steel and iron.
DUALSCOPE MP0: With integrated probe for measure ng the thickness of coatings on virtually all metal substrates.
PERMASCOPE MP0R and MP0R-FP: With integrated probe or cable probe for coating thickness measurements on steel and iron.
DUALSCOPE MP0R and MP0R-FP: With integrated probe or cable probe for coating thickness measurements on virtually all metal substrates.
ISOSCOPE MP0R: With integrated probe designed specifically for high-precision measurements of thin coatings on virtually all non-ferrous metals.
DUALSCOPE MP0RH-FP: With cable probe, designed specifically for measurements of thicker metal or protective coatings on steel and iron as well as non-ferrous metals.
DELTASCOPE FMP10 and FMP30: For coating thickness measurements on steel and iron.
ISOSCOPE FMP10 and FMP30: Designed specifically for high-precision measurements of thin coatings on virtually all non-ferrous metals.
DUALSCOPE FMP20 and FMP40: For coating thickness measurements on virtually all metal substrates.
The DUALSCOPE FMP100: Incorporating both magnetic induction and eddy current methods and outfitted with a wide range of high-precision probes, it is particularly useful for performing diverse measurement tasks under frequently changing conditions.
The DUALSCOPE H FMP150: Equipped with a third measurement principle, the magnetic method, which also makes it possible to take precise measurements of thick, nonmagnetic but conductive coatings on steel and iron, as well as nickel coatings on nonferrous metals.
Material Testing: 
FERITSCOPE FMP30: The FERITSCOPE is a compact instrument for standards- compliant, non-destructive determination of the ferrite content in austenitic welded products and in duplex steel
SIGMASCOPE SMP10: For measuring the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals or non-magnetizable metals such as aluminium, copper, and stainless steel according to the eddy current method.
ANOTEST YMP30-S: The YMP30-S is used for testing sealants on anodic coatings on aluminium.
POROSCOPE HV40: For finding pores and defects, cracks and inclusions in linings and coatings made of enamel, paint, rubber, and bitumen, also in containers made of GFK or other plastics.

We are so excited to talk about Fischer products and your applications., Tel: 647 804 1348 

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