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NDT In Canada Conference
Thank you to all who submitted abstracts to the NDT in Canada 2019 Conference!  We received many submissions and look forward to providing the NDT community with some of the best abstract that fit our program for the 2019 year. Below, you will find some of the organizations on the conference program provided by industry professionals from around the world. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!
Benefits of attending:
  • Gain valuable knowledge to bring back to your organization and improve current technologies/processes
  • Gain recertification credits (Level 3 only at current time)
  • Network with other organizations
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Preliminary Presentation List:
Presentation Presenter Organization
Updates from the Natural Resources Canada National NDT Certification Body Rob Skwirut Natural Resources Canada National NDT Certification Body
New Rules Being Published for Full Matrix Capture Paul Hayes ASME
Optimization of Resistance Spot Welding in Al Alloys For Light Weight Vehicular Structures based on comparative study of CT Asif Iqbal Butt CASE
Recent advances in Pulsed Eddy Current signals analysis Dr. Marco Michele Sisto Eddyfi Technologies
OEM patented PAUT for AUT Industrial applications, FAAST-PA delivers high speed inspection for Tubes, Plates, Bars/Billets, Rail, Turbine discs and more Chris Chollet Socomate International
Development of Radiographic Image Processing Algorithms at CNL Krassimir Stoev CNL, Chalk River Laboratories
Advanced Ultrasonic Alternatives for Inspecting Coarse Grained Stainless Steel Components Mike Wechsler Mistras Group, Inc.
Ultrasonic Contact Impedence (UCI) for the hardness testing of welds. Mike Baran Intech NDE
Increase uptime and plant reliability deploying asset monitoring solutions Arturo Nunez MISTRAS Group, Inc.
CUI (Corrosion under Insulation) detection using eddy current approach Dave Russell Russell NDE Systems Inc.
Artificial Intelligence Approaches as Tools for Auditing and Improving Data Analysis  of  Advanced Ultrasound Techniques in Non-Destructive Testing Neil Harrap TWI Canada
Machine Learning in Pipeline Inspection: Applications of supervised learning in non-destructive evaluation Roberto H. Herrera UTQuality Inc.
Advanced Eddy Current Testing of the Loose Parts on the SG Tubes Kyungcho Kim Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
Sensibility Response of Total Focusing Method (TFM) for Weld Inspection Versus Others Techniques Marie-Pierre Despaux Sonatest
Structural Health Assessment In Heavy Industries Winnie Ying HATCH
High Resolution Non Destructive Imaging with Accelerator-Based Neutron Sources Katie Rittenhouse Phoenix, LLC
Detection of Second Layer Cracks in Riveted Aluminum Structure Ross Undehrill Royal Military College of Canada
Automatic Defect Detection for X-Ray inspection: Identifying defects with deep convolutional network Roger Booto Tokime Université Laval
Assessment of the Resolution Limits of a Novel Pipeline Monitoring Technique Adesola Olufade Accurasee Instruments Inc.
Special Session: Industrial Partnership and NSERC CREATE TBD oN DuTy!
Pulsed Eddy Current Response to General Corrosion in Concrete Rebar Thomas W. Krause Royal Military College of Canada
Development of an EMAT for noncontact thickness measurement of containment liner plates of nuclear power plants Soonwoo Han Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
Comparison between two methods of Non-destructive evaluation and destructive method of standing of Ash trees Shadabeh Fathi  Wood engineering
Suitability of quality management methods for adhesive bonding processes Malte Mund Institute for Joining and Welding at TU Braunschweig/Germany
Remote Magnetic Sensing of Plastically Deformed Steel Thomas W. Krause Royal Military College of Canada
How latest sensor and communication technologies help to impove UCI (ultrasonic contact impedance) hardness testing method Tom Ott Proceq USA
Benefits of PWI Weld Inspection for Attenuative Materials Alan Caulder Advanced OEM Solutions/The Phased Array Company
Evaluation of the dead zones in the welded joints of  hydraulic turbine runners Mohammad. E. Bajgholi Ecole de Technologie Superieure
Investigation on the suitability of laser-excited thermography to detect porosities in metallic components Malte Mund Institute for Joining and Welding at TU Braunschweig/Germany
Non-Destructive And Non-Contacting Stress-Strain Characterization Of Aerospace Metallic Alloys And Nanocoatings Using Photo-Thermo-Mechanical Radiometry (PTMR)
Andreas Mandelis University of Toronto
A comparative Study Between Different Guided Waves Zeki Gokce Eddyfi Technologies
Factors Affecting Spatial Resolution in Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection of Pipe Ross Underhill Royal Military College of Canada
Non-destructive evaluation of impact damage in CFRP by means of IRT, Shearography and Ultrasonic testing Ali Khademi Far École de technologie supérieure
Nonlinear surrogate synthesis of circular surface eddy current probes Volodymyr Tychkov Cherkasy State Technological University
Time of Flight Diffraction for scanning low frequency ERW longseams to detect and size Lack of Fusion on the ID & OD Tim Poudrier Kiskey NDT
*This is a preliminary list and may be subject to change. Please note that not all presentations are listed on the preliminary list.

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